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I’m ba-a-ack!

Mon 2 March 2015

OK, so Auntie D reckons we need to post some more news as someone is following us.  I’m not quite sure who is following us where.  I can’t say I’ve noticed anyone following us … but perhaps that’s because I need to go out for MORE WALKS!  (Anyone taking notice – hint, hint?)

Daddy dumped me at Auntie D’s last night – another sleepover.  Today we had a reasonable pre-breakfast wander, although it could have been longer and I didn’t get to go up the back lane.  Auntie D was in a hurry.  Then I got left in the house – I was hoping to go to the Zappa Fan Club Meeting (apparently it’s aka church).  But daddy turned up quite soon to rescue me.

Hurrah!  I thought – I can pretend I haven’t had a walk yet (tee hee).  But he knew … And, anyway, he’s fairly useless at the moment. He has a dodgy knee, which means that he walks reaaaaallllllyyyyy sssslllllllllloooooooooooooooowwwllly.  AIMG_3317nd apparently he’s now got a dodgy wrist so I have to put up with Auntie D walks.  Hopefully Uncle J might be around tomorrow.

Auntie D did take me round the lake (again) this afternoon.  Only by then it was raining and windy and cold – I wasn’t very impressed.

AND she had the camera thing with her so we had to keep stopping.

I was being good and waited for her – so she could wait for me when I stopped for a looonnggg sniff two seconds up the road.

We saw a robin and a squirrel (it was up a tree so I couldn’t play with it).


Then she stopped for a cup  of tea.  We eventually got back to the car – hope Auntie D likes muddy footprints!


Where has the year gone?

Wed 13 June 2012

OK, so I’ve been at Auntie D’s for over a year now.  We’ve had fun.  I’m going to get Auntie D to find some photos of my year. I’ve been to Hucklow (lots of running and walking and people to play with) and discovered that I don’t like hailstones, and I’ve made more doggy friends – Jasper and Molly, Alfie and Belle (altho she can be a bit of a bully).  Ty Dog has been to stay a few times and might be back soon.  And I get to go to stay with him, and also get lots of walks with Uncle J.

Daddy A came back at Christmas 🙂 but then went back to Oz 😦 but then came back at Easter and then went off somewhere else … but he seems to be back at the moment.  He can be quite confusing.  But it means I’ve got two people to spoil, erm, I mean look after me. 

Another long weekend!

Sun 1 May 2011

Well, it’s another great weekend – four whole days without the “work” thing.  Been exploring the hills – found another new route, and today I managed to sneak up the slope to the pond … Auntie D usually stops me before I get in, but I can run up the slope on the new route faster than she can.  I was VERY wet by the time she caught up with me.

We found out how to get to the top of the hill.  It’s windy up there, but great fun.  Although I’m not allowed to go near the horses lower down the slope.  For some reason we always have to sit down at the top – but I usually get a treat, so that’s ok, and it is good to sit with the wind blowing my ears.

Ooh ooh – I met a peacock for the first time today.  I think it’s a bird, although it walks more than it flies.  I set off to chase it – and got shouted at.  But I did manage to chase it back into its field, which was apparently a ‘good thing’.

We went round the lake on Thursday evening and I managed to persuade Auntie D’s friend that it would be a good idea if she got a dog – another convert.  Then hill-walking Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Tomorrow apparently we’re walking along the canal to Tod – I’ve been banned from jumping in – and taking a picnic.

Easter weekend

Wed 27 April 2011

I like Easter.  Auntie D is here for four days – she doesn’t go to that place called “work”.  We had a long walk with Ti on Friday morning – he stayed over Thursday night, and we both jumped on the bed early on Friday to make sure Auntie D got up and took us out.Zappa and Ti

Auntie D had a friend to stay – S – who soon worked out that tummy-tickling is the accepted method of paying for your lodging.  And very good at it she was too!

On Sunday we all went to the Lake District.  The only down-side was that I had to wear my harness in the car.  Auntie D and S did get a bit of a surprise tho when I appeared in the front seat when we stopped.  I wriggled out of the harness – tee hee.  Unfortunately that meant they strapped me in it tightly on the way home – ho hum.

Zappa in Hawkshead
Easter Sunday in Hawkshead

But we had a great day.  I didn’t get to go in a lake – which I kind of thought I might – but we did walk a long way and I saw sheep and cows.  And I got to paddle in a stream.  I slept on the way back.

Tonight we went out in the hills near home.  We met Storm – she jumped up and gave me a hug!

The first few weeks

Tue 26 April 2011

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been looking after Auntie D (my person for the next year).  I’ve been on lots of new walks, exploring some great places – including new watering spots and a fab muddy ditch (Auntie D shrieks and makes me paddle in the stream after I’ve been in the ditch – very strange).

I’ve made some new friends.  One morning we met Fraser – although I do tend to just nod at him and keep walking (he’s a greyhound and quite tall), but his person is very friendly and I sometimes see her on her own and let her stroke me.  And we met the twins out in the lane – I usually say hello through the fence unless they’re perched on the wall.  I don’t think they should be doing that, really – they’re only young, but getting quite big … not sure what’s going to happen when they’re grown up.  And Storm is cute – only little, a miniature Schnauzer, with a matching little person (who seems to think holding my lead is the best thing ever).  And lots, lots more on all the different walks I’ve been on.  I’ve also been to stay with Ti, then Ti came to stay with me – great company!

Hello world!

Wed 16 March 2011

I’m Zappa, aka “Princess” or just plain gorgeous (see my pic!).  I used to live with Daddy A.  Then one day, at the beginning of April, we drove to this car park (with Auntie D and Auntie R).  I got a BIG hug.  Then he climbed out of the car window – and I haven’t seen him since.  Apparently he’s gone somewhere called NZ – I don’t know where that is, but it must be somewhere we can’t drive to or I’d have gone with him.  Last year he went to Oz – I looked after Auntie C while he was away, which was fun.  But I don’t think I like places ending in ‘Z’.

I now seem to be living with Auntie D.  Which is OK (although she does have short legs … I must walk miles just going back to check she’s still following me).  But I do get to walk in the morning (Daddy A – take note!).

I’m going to tell you what happens – and post a few photos so Daddy A can check up on me from time to time.

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